IncuBeta Services

We provide writing services to third parties, within and beyond the Entertainment Industry.

Services range from creating speculative original scripts to polishing completed scripts.

We remain open to forging partnership ventures with other entertainment-related stakeholders.



At IncuBeta, we celebrate the writer as the absolute master of the content creation process. Our values are founded on collaboration and our motto: “no opinion goes unheard” resonates as a safe space for creatives armed with pens.

Having chosen to operate under a cooperative model with our in-house writers and a management fee structure with external writers; we are strongly positioned to bridge between content creators and the corporate markets for these assets.

Whether you have an idea, a treatment or full script, we can help you achieve a solidly marketable Final Draft.


With the team’s extensive experiences in the financial industry, our consulting services were formed due to popular demand.

We are set up under a fee or partnership structure, to offer creatives unique expertise on how to maximize the ownership and life-cycle of their content and assets.

Understanding how financially strenuous the creative process can be, we stand by you in defense of your artistic vision, making sure you don’t sell yourself short.


Sure, you can leave it to Google or other recent technology but, we all remain frustrated at the loss of nuances, the lack of context and plain misrepresentation caused by automated translation. We take the time to really figure out what you mean before we tackle any translation project and focus on preserving the creativity in making sure your message is not lost in translation.

Most of us have lived and worked in the countries where these languages originate, so the cultures are familiar to us.

Languages offered to and from English are: French, Spanish, Italian.