TV Series (1hr Ep.)
Period Piece, Family, Drama
High Budget.

Set in the 18th Century in the Caribbean, “TAINTED” follows the extraordinary lives of a multi-racial family, the island’s wealthiest, over several decades spanning from the Seven Years’ War to the French Revolution.

1758. The Caribbean Island of Guadeloupe.
The lives of a prosperous family of plantation owners are thrown into disarray by the disappearance of eldest daughter, Benedicte, and a fire in the cane fields which are the source of the family’s wealth, started by its illegitimate son, Joseph.


TV Series (1hr Ep.)
Medium Budget

Harlem, NY. c.1920

She is tall, slender, always impeccably dressed, with never so much as a hair out of place.
She moves, straight-backed, through a world in which black women like her are supposed to be maids, not queens.

Born in the French Caribbean islands, she taught herself English to get ahead.
Raised by an illiterate single mother, she taught herself arithmetic to get even further.
In a world ruled by men, she held her own, defeating all competitors to become the eventual head of the illegal numbers racket. Beating back rival outfits, evading the police, Stephanie St Clair will stop at nothing to secure her edge.


Feature Film* (1h50m)
Comedy, Action
High Budget

1513, Italy

Florence’s disgraced ambassador, Niccolo Machiavelli, will stop at nothing in his quest to regain power, but when his son becomes an obstacle, Niccolo is forced to choose between his fortune and his family.

* This project has also been written in a Mini-Series format.


Feature Film (1h40m)
Female Led Screwball Comedy
Low Budget

When an orphan runs away from a children’s home, a group of three young women launch on a cross-continental European road trip to bring her back safely.


Created by Chisom Chieke

Feature Film (1h45m)
Romantic Comedy
Low Budget

While planning their wedding, Ada, a first gen Nigerian, med-school dropout and Trey, her whimsical but techie, Atlanta-native fiancé, struggle to redefine themselves and their passions, amidst a cultural clash taking place between their families.

African|American is a Rom-Com centered on a culture clash, as it exposes the dichotomy within the Black cultural experience in America through the relationship between a home-bred Atlanta native and his fiancée, a first-gen Nigerian-American. Using comedy as a subtle device, African|American addresses major themes like colorism and classism that historically plague the global Black community.


Feature Film* (1h25m)
Thriller Drama
Ultra Low Budget

A desperate, ailing cellist with plans for suicide at a remote family cabin, has a change of plans when she has a violent encounter with an enigmatic, feral forest creature that invigorates her life.


TV-Series (30min Ep.)
Medium Budget

Wealthy layabout socialite, Myron, navigates the wreckages of his life, accompanied by Artemis, the physical manifestation of his chronic depression.

When Myron meets a girl, it looks like his luck is about to change, but instead he ends up dragging her down into the pit along with him.


10min Short Film
Micro Budget

In a world where pat-downs are commonplace, how much of yourself would you give up for a chance at your dream job?


Released 31-Jan-2023

27min Short Film
Micro Budget

New York, 1946.

A closeted woman goes to the extremes to maintain her secret lover close to her; a secret lover who also happens to be her own sister-in-law.

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Docu-Series (30min)
Reality, Unscripted
Low Budget

On a journey to create a life worth living, a veteran interior designer and life connoisseur turns her heels on New York City and into an open road adventure.
In her customized design bus, Antoinette Loupé explores America’s treasures while drawing inspiration from friends, both old and new, as she discovers her personal truths, values and passions along the way.